(A) Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”)

1. Your Privacy

LUXE TRAVEL Limited (“we”, “our” or “us”) respects your legal rights of privacy when collecting, storing, using and transmitting personal data and this PICS explains our privacy practices. Please read the following carefully to understand our policy and practices regarding how your personal data will be treated. This policy may from time to time be revised. If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version of this Privacy Policy Statement, the English version shall prevail.  “personal data” means any personally identifying information or sensitive data (such as names, occupations, addresses, contact details, ID Card or Passport numbers, credit card information, your age, your marital status, your employer, your income, your frequent flyer programme number(s), demographic data, your business information such as company name, business title and associated contact information, your travel details such as flight information, travel companions’ personal information, languages spoken, destination contact information, seat and meal preferences, flight and hotel preferences, and other information related to traveller special needs) from which it is practicable for the identity of an individual to be ascertained.

2. Purposes for which we will use your Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected when you or travel companion(s) or your appointed personnel make a purchase or enquiry or apply to receive our newsletter. The purposes for which we may use your personal data are divided into obligatory purposes and voluntary purposes. If personal data is to be used for an obligatory purpose, these personal data will be made clear during communication with our Travel Specialists and you MUST provide your personal data to us if you want us to provide the service for you which are applying. If personal data is only to be used for a voluntary purpose, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to provide such information to us or not. Should you have any queries on the type of purpose, please contact your Travel Specialist to clarify or you may contact our team anytime at no charge via email at info@luxetravel.com.hk.

Purposes for which it is obligatory for you to provide your personal data are:

  1. To process and administer your application to receive our newsletters;
  2. To process your request for any products or services offered by us;
  3. To fulfill requests submitted by you, whether  over the phone, through our emails, or through other methods;
  4. To process or confirm your travel arrangements;
  5. To provide emergency handling services;
  6. For data cleansing and customers profile updates;
  7. For identification and verification purposes, in connection with any of the services or products that may be supplied to you;
  8. To disclose to a third party to comply with any law, legal requirements, orders, directors or requests from any court, authority or government body of any jurisdiction, which may be within or outside of Hong Kong;
  9.  To facilitate payments for products and services provided by us or our associated companies and business associates, including verification of credit or direct debit card details with third parties and to conduct matching procedures against databases of known fraudulent transactions (maintained by us or third parties);
  10. To pass on to and for the use by any of our associate companies and/or business associates in connection with any of the above purposes and/or any other travel related services;


Purposes for which it is only voluntary for you to provide your personal data are:

  1. To pass on to and for the use by any of our associate companies and/or business associates in connection with offers such companies and associates may offer from time to time;
  2. For marketing, promotional and customer relationship management purposes, such as conducting market research or sending you updates on the latest offers and promotions;
  3. Direct marketing including:
  • communicating to you regarding new product launch and other promotional offers, including where applicable, travel service and products;
  • communicating to you regarding our promotional events, including where applicable, seminars, PR events, shop opening events, store announcement/events, exhibitions and news update;
  • communicating on-counter or out of counter services and events for promotion or reward purpose;
  • marketing reward programs, birthday celebration offers, free product information, digital campaigns, roadshow, in store promotion updates;
  • communicating joint promotion or events with shopping malls, department stores, credit cards, direct debit cards, banks, trades, tourism boards, hotels, celebrities, magazines, television, websites, mileage programs, cultural, art or musical societies/organizations, charities or non profit organizations.
  • To fulfill the above purposes, you may be contacted via email, direct mailing, telephone marketing, SMS or other means that are allowed by local authorities.

Except as provided above, we will not knowingly or intentionally use or share the Personal Data you provide to use in ways unrelated to the aforementioned purposes without your prior consent. If at any other point of time you do not wish us to use your personal data for use in direct marketing as described above, you may exercise your opt-out rights with LUXE TRAVEL Limited by notifying us.

3. Disclosure

In cases where we do collect personal data from you, we will:

  1. tell you (by way of this PICS or by a separate notification) that we are doing so and the use that we will make of such personal data we collect;
  2. where relevant, give you the opportunity to opt out; and
  3. tell you how we will store your personal data and how you can review, change and delete the personal data we have stored.


We will take all practicable steps to keep your personal data confidential but we may transfer/assign such data to the following parties:

  1. any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer and other services to us in connection with the processing and storage of your data;
  2. if we decide to sell any relevant part of our business, to any actual or proposed assignee, transferee or successor; and
  3. any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law.

4. Security

Except as mentioned in paragraph 3 above, your personal data, however stored, will be accessed only by our employees or contractors who are authorized to do so. Where personal data is stored electronically, it will be password-protected (or under some equivalent form of protection) and accessible only by authorized personnel. Employees and contractors designated to handle personal data will be instructed to do so only in accordance with this PICS.

5. Your Right to Access and Correction

You may at any time request access to and to correct personal data relating to you in any of our records. You may also ask us to delete you or your personal data from any active mailing or distribution list. To exercise any of your rights, contact us at the address, facsimile number or email below, marking your communication “Confidential”. In response, we may ask you to provide certain details about yourself so that we can be sure you are the person to whom the data refers. We are required to respond to your requests within 40 days , but we may charge you a reasonable fee for doing so.

6. Personal Data Privacy Officer

The person to whom (1) requests (i) for access to data or correction of data, (ii) for general  information regarding our policies and practices with respect to personal data and (iii) about the kinds of personal data that we hold and (2) general questions and complaints should be addressed is as follows:

Please send email to info@luxetravel.com.hk; or /send mail to 19/F, Stanley 11, 5-11 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong; or/contact us via facsimile at +852 2539 0660.

7. Retention of Data

We will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the data was collected. We may also retain archived personal data for statistical purposes. Personal data which is no longer required will be destroyed.


(B) Terms & Conditions


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