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11 July 2017

Chasing Aurora Borealis in a Luxe Way | Luxe Travel

Winter is perfect timing for viewing Aurora Borealis. Yet, this is part of the nature which is unpredictable. How to ensure an amazing hunting experience? Here are some travelling tips for you to chase in a Luxe way:

1. Arrange a trip with minimum stay of 7 days

Plan yourself a minimum 7-day trip. Not only increasing your chance to witness this natural wonder but you can explore different areas with diverse angles to discover the beauty of the aurora borealis. Hunting northern light in stunning landscapes or joining luxury yacht tour to enjoy spectacular sea view which is quite different from hunting on land.

2. Let A Luxe Travel Specialist Assist You

Apart from hunting of Aurora borealis, there are so much more to do such as visiting volcanoes, waterfall, glaciers etc.. Private tours and accommodations can often be limited especially in winter season, not to mention experienced guides and drivers are highly sought-after, so let the expert of Luxe Travel assist you and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

3. Dress in Multiple Layers

It is crucial to build up layers of clothes that will trap air. Thermal long-johns and vest for the base layer, and then fleece tracksuit as your mid layer. Finally add an arctic parka as outer layers. Don’t forget snow boots, scarf and thick wool gloves. Luxe Travel joins hands with some luxe shopping malls offering shopping privileges that are unique to Luxe Travel Insiders.

4. Basic Camera Equipment to Capture Northern Light

Most luxury lodges provide lenses for guests to chase aurora borealis. However, the camera body and accessories are also key for capturing the best shot. Bring a sturdy outdoor use tripod that is strong enough to maintain 10-20 second exposure. A full frame camera with high ISO capability and wide angle lens allows you to capture vast landscapes with the northern lights overhead, recommend aperture settings of f/2.8-f/4.

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