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 Saturday, April 7, 2018

Game Drive Safari Migration Tanzania Africa Singita One Nature  非洲 坦桑尼亞動物大遷徙  (flight ∙ hotel ∙ package ∙ cruise ∙ private tour ∙ business ∙ M.I.C.E ∙ Luxe Travel ∙ Luxury travel  ∙ Luxury holiday  ∙ Luxe Tour  ∙包團 ∙  商務旅遊 ∙  自由行套票 ∙滑雪  ∙ 溫泉 ∙ 品味假期 ∙ 品味遊)One nature Nyaruswiga Serengiti National Park Tanzania (flight ∙ hotel ∙ package ∙ cruise ∙ private tour ∙ business ∙ M.I.C.E ∙ Luxe Travel ∙ Luxury travel  ∙ Luxury holiday  ∙ Luxe Tour  ∙ 特色尊貴包團 ∙  商務旅遊 ∙  自由行套票 ∙滑雪  ∙ 溫泉 ∙ 品味假期 ∙ 品味遊)

Catch the tail of the Green Season, or start planning your safari trip for the coming migration period!
The Green season, which spans from November to March in Tanzania, is coming to its end. It is right now a spectacular season to pay visit as the lush landscape lends itself to spectacular wildlife sightings as the sky is crystal clear and free from haze. The peak birthing season is in full swing, and adorable foals, calves, and cubs are wandering around with their parents, making lovingly harmonious scenes all across the savannah. Dispersed across these plains, wildebeest and zebra are everywhere – feeding on the fresh, nutritious grasses.
And as the dry season strikes the continent in May, wild beasts in Tanzania will start their migration northward to seek fresh grazing and water. Luxe Travel Insiders will catch the awe-inspiring scene of great migration, where thousands of beasts moving in crowds for survival.
Whichever season you prefer, luxe travel insiders will enjoy unrivalled safari experiences in your own safari trip in a 350,000-acre private reservation area offered by our partner lodges. And after watching an exciting animal race in daytime, imagine resting next to a campfire enjoying a sumptuous cuisine against the starlit sky at night, of course you can choose to enjoy  with air-conditioning.
Exclusive viewing location, private tour guide, luxury lodges are just some of the privileges you will enjoy traveling with us. Contact our Travel Specialists to book your trip or let us tailor made one that best suits you.

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