Korea fall foliage forecast


Date: 15 Oct 2018

韓國, 紅葉, 賞楓假期,首爾, 釜山, 濟州, 私人日賞團, 品味遊, 私人包團 韓國, 紅葉, 賞楓假期,首爾, 釜山, 濟州, 私人日賞團, 品味遊, 私人包團


Korea offers four beautifully distinctive seasons. Often a breathtakingly beautiful contrast is created by the sunny autumn blue sky and colourful autumn leaves.Korean appreciates this beauty of nature usually by hiking. The popular sites to enjoy are Odaesan, Seoraksan at Gangwon-do, Jiri-san at Jeollanam-do and Naejangsan at Jeollabuk-do. The campus of Seoul National University and Namsan Park are also popular spots easily reach.


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 Location Estimated Best Viewing Time
 Seoul and Incheon Mid Oct to Mid Nov
 Gangwon-do Early Oct to Early Nov
 Gyeonggi-do Mid Oct to Mid Late Nov
 Gyeongsangbuk-do & Gyeongsangnam-do Mid/late Oct to Mid Nov
 Chungcheong-do Mid Oct to Mid Nov
 Daegu Late Oct to Mid/Late Nov
 Jeollabuk-do Mid Oct to Early/Mid Nov
 Jeollanam-do Mid Oct to Mid/Late Nov
 Jejudo Late Oct to Late Nov

*Subject to weather conditions



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