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 Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cherry Blossom Japan 日本櫻花 (flight ∙ hotel ∙ package ∙ cruise ∙ private tour ∙ business ∙ M.I.C.E ∙ Luxe Travel ∙ Luxury travel  ∙ Luxury holiday  ∙ Luxe Tour  ∙ 特色尊貴包團 ∙  商務旅遊 ∙  自由行套票 ∙滑雪  ∙ 溫泉 ∙ 品味假期 ∙ 品味遊)

Cherry blossom in Japan is expected to bloom from now on in Okinawa, then moving to other regions where blooming is expected until May. The duration of cherry blossom is very short for approximately five days.
Cherry Blossom attracts over a million tourists each year bringing problems of overcrowding to many sites. The tranquil atmosphere can be overshadowed by bus-loads of tourists and the chatter of tour guides if you do not time your visit right. Why not consider a just for you “Private Tour” to best suit your needs or avoid the crowd? You will be amazed from your different experience with LUXE TRAVEL!
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 Prediction of Cherry Blossom 2017*
*Subject to weather conditions
23 March
24 March
28 March
28 March
29 March
Shikoku - Tokushima
29 March
30 March
3 April
5 April
4 May

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