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 Thursday, June 22, 2017

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How to plan an unforgettable family summer vocation fulfilling wish lists of every family member? Exploring the world with your kids can actually be a lot of fun. Here are some travelling tips with kids for unforgettable and easy journey:
1. Value-Added Activities to Your Kids
Travel is a way for kids to learn and grow up. So why not provide them unique and valuable learning activities?  Play with you kids to join workshops such as making of soba noodles to make the best fun out of it. Luxe journey concierge service team can assist in research, planning and booking. Let create memory that is unique to you and your family together.
2. Find An Expert to Plan For You
For busy people like Luxe Travel Insiders, it is always wise to find an expert to do the travel planning for you. What is your ideal travel itinerary? Are you spending much time in finding kid-friendly hotels? Every detail is crucial for a family trip, so book in advance to have the most and best options!
3. Choose a Kid-Friendly Hotel
Kid-friendly hotels usually offer services that especially appeal to families. And your travel specialist can assist in booking  services for you and kids. For instance, baby-sitting, restaurants with kids’ menus, discount tickets for kids, and child stay free policy etc..
4. Luxe Private Day Tour
Want to have details sorted out for your trip with great flexibility?  A unique mix of highly talented professionals including a professional private tour guide and an experienced driver are here to assist you and to ensure a safe journey.
5. Luxe Moments and Memories
Have you ever been on a special vacation and returned home disappointed with the photos you captured? Or there are no  group photos taken apart from selfie? Luxe Travel offers a community of carefully chosen local photographers who will meet travellers at iconic locations in 190 locations worldwide. Walk the streets with you as they take beautiful candid photos for your family. Capture treasurable moments!
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