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 Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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When it rains flowers …
Sakura Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing in English, is one of the most celebrated activities in Japan. When the chilling wind is gone and the slightly warmer breeze return to bring moist and energy back, cherry blossom across Japan bloom from south to north to announce the lovely romantic arrival of spring. It is the time when air is scented with sweet fragrance of flora and the land becomes awash with pink. Modest, elegant and fleeting, cherry blossom open its buds for just a week before it falls – but not fade, from the tree in the blink of an eye to sprinkle a sentimental yet heroic rain of petals.
Imagine dining luxury kaiseki cuisine against the magnificent flowering blossom tree in a private garden, or overlook the cherry blossom garden while taking a dip at your private hot spring. Time is always luxury. As its flowering season last just for a week, visitors to catch this precious ephemeral scenery will need to book their flight and reserve a room as soon as possible.
Good to know
Flowering time in mountains may delay for days even in the same region. Luxe Travel Specialists may help you to plan the best route with thier first hand information and expertise in tailor-making. You may also click here some reference itineraries  or alternatively Luxe Travel can take care of your  journey, feel free to join our upcoming Luxe Small Group Tour departing on  9th April, enrollment opens until 7th Mar.

Here’s the forecast of flowering time of different region across Japan:

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*The above is forecast only and may change according to nature and weather conditions. Source: Japan Weather Association

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