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 Monday, October 16, 2017

perth Australia whale migration 觀賞鯨魚大遷徙珀斯澳洲

Now is the best season to visit Perth for a whale watching adventures!
From September to December humpback whales will carry a return journey passes close to the Perth coast, which allows Luxe Travel Insiders a unique opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close. The Humpback Highway, down Western Australia’s coast, is one of the best ocean paths to watch the largest whale migration in the Southern Hemisphere - with around 30,000 making the trip each year!
So what is the most luxurious way to enjoy whale-watching? Pamper yourself on a thrilling whale watching cruise. Getting on a perfect boat with a 360° view to watch the whale or being amazed by the sensational viewing platform with the large open deck!  Of course, don’t forget your camera to capture the moment!
What's more? Stay at one of the finest lodges in Perth to best enjoy your journey. Discover: Cape Lodge in Margaret River

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