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 Monday, November 13, 2017

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Global warming, change in climate, are we responsible for that? This is a topic far beyond our intention to be discussed. One thing for sure is for us to respect and love our Mother of Nature without using plastic bag.
The Kenyan Government has begun its enforcement of the legislation to ban all use of plastic bags across and within the country. Luxe Travel Insiders entering the country should refrain from using any and all forms of ‘disposable’ plastic carry bags. This would include plastic being found in both the guest's main luggage as well as hand luggage to prevent any inconveniences on arrival into Kenya.
In addition,  when you purchase duty free goods before entering Kenya, they will be required to leave their duty free plastic carry bags at the port of entry.   
So while enjoying an unforgettable wildlife luxe journey in Kenya, let us all show repect and love to our Mother of Nature.
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