Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour 2014 - Madame Butterfly

 Thursday, January 23, 2014

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour 2014 luxury travel Australia

What is opera to you? The rush of adrenalin as a soprano or tenor’s voice soars, the hum of the chorus, the larger-than-life costumes and scenery, the moving stories, or just the whole sense of occasion?
Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is all this and more.
Come down to the water's edge & let the luxe story begins......The stars will be there, for real. Magic too?
There’s a moment in March where several hundred people collectively hold their breath on the harbourfront. It’s when two enormous cranes lift a 40-tonne stage from 10 barges onto 16 pylons buried deep in the ocean floor.It takes 8,000 hours of manual labour to build the stage and the elaborate underworld of the orchestra pit and dressing rooms beneath the stage. Making the costumes takes another 10,000 hours. The inventory of batteries, light globes, nuts, bolts and screws adds up to mindboggling numbers.
Show period:  21st March – 12th April 2014. Packges to Sydney now available at LUXE TRAVEL.
[Enquiry: +852 2539 0628 / info@luxetravel.com.hk]
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