Popular South Korean TV show filmed in Australia

 Monday, March 31, 2014

The Running Man Korean Drama Luxury resort (flight ∙ hotel ∙ package ∙ cruise ∙ private tour ∙ business ∙ M.I.C.E ∙ Luxury travel  ∙ Luxury holiday  ∙ Luxe World  ∙ 特色尊貴包團 ∙  商務旅遊 ∙  自由行套票 ∙滑雪  ∙ 溫泉 ∙ 品味假期 ∙ 品味遊)

Korean reality comedy series 'Running Man' aired a special ‘Adventure in Australia’ episode on 9 March featuring Tangalooma, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and Nautica holiday house in Palm Beach. 'Running Man', a hugely popular show in Korea and throughout Asia, presents an ideal opportunity to showcase some of Australia's most stunning scenery and iconic landmarks within one of Australia's key markets. The last episode was aired on 23 March.
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