Visit Tanzania In Green Season Now! Surprises from Nature Await You!


Date: 27 Nov 2018

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非洲, 坦桑尼亞, 綠色季節, 豪華旅行團, 包團, 旅遊, 品味遊, 度身訂造, 私人定制, 高端旅游

非洲, 坦桑尼亞, 綠色季節, 豪華旅行團, 包團, 旅遊, 品味遊, 度身訂造, 私人定制, 高端旅游


Is green season a good time to visit Tanzania?

Sure, Luxe Travel Insiders will be amazed by the stunning emerald sea of dense vegetation and witness new born of wildlife.


Many travelers visit Africa in the dry season, to chase the footprint of wildlife in the dry and dusty golden grasslands. But the game changes during the Green Season from November to March in Tanzania. The dry red soil will transform into a lush green landscape with more daylight hours. Although animals now spread out over the concession, it is the best time to watch the migratory birds. The Green Season also marks the beginning of birthing season. You may have a chance to see adorable young animals. The plain during Green Season is so vibrant and energetic.


The Green Season is the best time to avoid crowd. Accommodate in a luxury lodge in a private sustainable conservation. You won't have to travel long to see the Big 5. Or they may be right at your breakfast place. An unforgettable African photographic safari journey awaits you!


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