What you didn’t know about South African Wildlife - INTRODUCING THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMALS 


 Date : Sept 23, 2019

Want to track the footprints of wild animals? You don't have to be an expert but with an experienced tracker and ranger the game experience will never be the same. It is always good to gear up with some knowledge of african wildlife before your game.



Singita Mara River, buffalo

2. One of the most dangerous animals in Africa - African buffalo

African buffalo, an African bovine, is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa with temper. They live in a group and the strongest female cows in the group become leaders.


Buffaloes are herbivores meaning a gentle species? Of course not! In Africa, only lions and crocodiles could threaten buffaloes. Buffaloes kill lions the most but they are also lions favorite food.


Buffaloes are vengeful as well! Herbivores normally escape from carnivores and settle in a safer place. Buffaloes will find ways to kill lions and even hunt the cubs. The ferocious buffalo is surely an enemy of king of the jungle!




Singita Castelton, hippo

3/ Animal that can open their mouth 180 degree - Hippo

The hippo is the third largest animal on land. The hippos with amazing combat power has thick skin and can withstand bites of most animals. Their mouths could open nearly a 180 degree and has a bite force of 800 kilograms, so no animals dare to go near.


So the mighty hippo will not be killed?

Hippos are usually quiet, but when they lose their temper, they kill each other and stab the other person's body with sharp teeth. The hippo's leader will use the tail as a propeller to squat, declaring sovereignty. If other hippos also imitate to challenge the leader, a fight begins.




Honey Badger

4/ The cutest lethal animal - Honey Badger

Honey badgers are less than one meter in length with a cute ‘small flat head’. Honey badgers live alone or in pairs, usually going out at dusk or at night. During the day, they rest in the cave.


Honey badgers are not lethal?

Don't be fooled by its adorable appearance. In fact, the petite creature is brave and often challenges large animals such as lions and bears.Honey badgers have an invincible digestive system which allows them to eat almost everything and animal toxins can be quickly decomposed.




Singita Castleton, Hyena

5/ Hunters who laugh and snore high-pitched -  Spotted Hyenas

Spotted hyenas are the major hunters in Africa. They are ferocious and enjoy eating fetuses. From time to time, the spotted hyena 'laughs' and snores high-pitched. In fact, that is not a laugh, but rather a warning to the companions. They produce fourteen voices to communicate with each other, definitely an animal linguist!


Can such ferocious animals become your pet?

Spotted hyenas are good friends of the Africans! They tamed these beasts and treated them as pets.

More to go... Learn about secrets of the other animals in part two: What you didn’t know about South African Wildlife (II)



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